how it works

After a free initial consultation, which can be conducted either in person or over the phone, the RO will come to your home to help create order in the chaotic spaces causing you stress. The RO specializes in the following areas: 

Organizing  |  $100/hr, $175/hr for two organizers
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter, children’s toys, paperwork, clothing, or just feel you have no space for your belongings, you are not alone. Organizing does not come naturally to everyone, however I can help you regain control of your space and teach you ways to maintain an organized home or office.

Virtual  |  $275 
Virtual organizing can be done via video chat, phone call or email. We will discuss any areas that are causing you stress and what you’re looking to accomplish. The RO will take your photos and measurements and create a custom plan along with a suggested shopping list.

Moving  |  Pricing varies 
Whether you are trying to sell your current home, or trying to move gracefully, I can help you! I will help you purge items you do not want, or need, to move into your new space. I can also aid with staging your current environment to get your home ready to sell and increase the chances it will sell faster. Additionally, I can guide you through the packing process and can be there to help unpack your home quickly so that you can feel settled as soon as possible.

There are three moving packages to choose from:
Unpacking + Settling: $100/hr
Planning + Staging: $500 flat rate
Purging + Packing: $1,000 flat rate


Research, Design & Shopping  |  $75
Some spaces may need additional organizing supplies to maximize storage and maintain organization. The RO will measure, research and purchase the best products needed.

Realistic Refresh  |  $100
It is common for areas to need tweaking as your life and needs change. This is a 90-minute update to previously organized spaces that may need adjustments. Note: This service is for previous clients only. 

Donation  |  $5/bag
Purging and removal can be a large part of the organizing process. I can help with the donation process by either arranging donation pick up, or taking items to a donation location best suited for the specific belongings.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page for more information

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NEW! Custom Labels

The RO now has custom labels! Currently offering Baby-Child Labels and Toy Labels to help you organize and store clothing and toys. They are colorful and simple, and allow your spaces to look cute, instead of cluttered. Shop now!