Several weeks ago I was asked to share some ideas on organizing on a local morning news show. Insanely flattered, I agreed almost immediately. Then as the days grew closer, I started panicking. About everything!

What if I freeze up?

What if I get stuck in traffic on my way?

What if I choke on my own spit while talking (we’ve all done it, but on live tv I feel like it’s just a touch more awkward)

What if I forget my name?

What if I just totally bomb? 

However, none of those things happened! I actually ended up feeling super comfortable and really enjoyed the experience. So much so, I’m doing it again ? more details on that later.

I wanted to share the products I talked about, why I think they’re the best, and where you can find them. No, this is not sponsored, nor are there affiliate links, mainly just because I’m too lazy. But also because I want you all to know this is genuine (or “realistic”, if you will ??‍♀️) .

(in no particular order)

1. Cord ties

I just think these are great. They are perfect for frequently used cords and headphones. They are super simple to use, just fold them around the cord. I’m not cool enough to have to new hip headphones with no wires so these are my favorite cord ties to use for headphones.

They are a bit pricey considering they’re just cord ties (approx. $2 a piece) however the stress they prevent is so worth it for me. You can buy them at The Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Amazon.

2. Clear, Multi-Purpose Containers

I get asked a lot, “what are your favorite containers?” I think this completely depends on what it’s for and where it’s going. However, if I had to choose, I’d vote for these guys.

I love them because they’re translucent so you can easily see what’s in them. The sides are almost at a right angle, which is so key for maximizing storage space. So many bins are made with angled sides and it drives me nuts. If you’re already allowing to the storage space of a wide top, you might as well maximize that space and get a container with the same sized base, amiright?

Why though? Literally losing 2 inches of space on both sides…

I also love that they are plastic, easy to clean, and super light. Lastly, it has handles. You don’t realize how great handles are until you have a bin without them. I love storing toys, cleaning supplies, craft supplies, under the sink items, etc. in these. They’re also super affordable, these ones are from The Container Store for $3.99-$6.99, but they also sell very similar items at the Dollar Store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

3. Lazy Susan

Oh Susan, thank you for being so lazy. Lazy Susans can be used in so many various spaces. I love to use them in those frustrating beyond belief corner cabinets, under the sink for the go-to cleaning products, and in the pantry or refrigerator for canned goods and condiments.

If you’re constantly finding yourself moving numerous things to reach something in the back, consider adding a Lazy Susan. Life changing.

4. Labels

I mean, what organizer doesn’t love labels? However there are many different ways labels can be made and used. Some people love the look of labels and need them to be displayed clearly and largely.

While others may want labels to be a bit more hidden

I think the best thing about labeling is it takes the thought out of putting things away and looking for things. It saves so much time in the kitchen, and for clean up with the kids. It is especially helpful if you live with others. It doesn’t stop Brit from asking “Where is the flour?” But it allows me to respond supportively, patiently, and not passive-aggressively at all, “in the container labeled flour!”

I use this label maker for most projects and my silhouette cutter to make the larger labels. Honestly though, a post-it, a piece of paper and tape, a name tag, it’s all great. Whatever works for you and your home. These business card holders make great label holders and can easily be switched as the needs of your space changes.

Also, I have to mention my all time favorite DIY labels for kid’s toys. They’re so easy, and so cute, and seriously help with organizing kids toys so much. Simply print a picture of the toy category (I like to use an image of the actual toys the child owns) then label it. I like to use these little luggage tags to hook them in place.

5. Command hooks

I mean, if you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you’ve probably heard me rave about command hooks. I love them! I love that they easily add vertical storage to almost any space. They are easy to use and easy to remove, without any damage to the wall! I like to use them behind cabinet doors for bibs or oven mits, in my closet to hang necklaces, and to hang dustpans and brooms up in our cleaning closet.

I also use the little clothespin clips to hang the boys’ artwork in my office (this also keeps me limited in how many things are hung up at once) and they are great for putting low on the back of a closet so a child can hang up their own coat or bag. Then, when the child grows up, simply remove!

Obviously, I didn’t get to elaborate this much while on TV, because honestly who wants to hear someone go on and on about organizing products. I still haven’t watched the segment yet because omg it’s way too awkward for me to subject myself to on any day. I hope that you gained something from these product recommendations. Here is the link to the feature…

What are your go-to products for organizing? Are you a labeler or do labels just feel like added clutter?

Thanks for visiting!

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