Brit and I both do things to make life easier in our home. I choose to keep spaces organized so we know where everything is, it’s easily accessible, and easy to put away. Brit, on the other hand, makes our lives easier by added little gadgets and accessories. With our powers combined (queue Captain Planet voice), I give you this year’s holiday gift list!

1. Outlet with USB Charger

Why aren’t all outlets like this now? I mean, seriously. In today’s world it seems like common sense. You don’t have to worry about finding a wall charger, it’s all right there in the outlet. Plus, you’re not clogging up an outlet by charging your phone, baby monitor, tablet, etc.

2. Twistable Ribbon Cord Wrap

Ok I know last year I had a different cord wrap on here, and I do still really like that one, but this one is sooo much better, especially for cords that you use most often. This wrap works perfectly with earbuds as well, which are by far the most frustrating thing ever to keep rolled up nicely. It’s so easy to wrap around and unwrap.

3. Cord Clips

I swear this isn’t a technology post, but let’s face it, techie things make life easier. So techie accessories can make even more of a difference. I have two charge cords by my bed. One for my phone, and one for our baby monitor. The outlet is behind my bedside table and I can’t tell you how many times I had to bend over, yes ALL the way to the FLOOR, to pick up the cords that had fallen off the table. Not the worst thing, but when you’re nine months pregnant it actually is the worst thing. So I started using these cord clips and now my life getting into bed is so much happier.

4. Bath/Shower Crayons

I don’t know if it’s the shampoo I use or just the act of showering, but I seriously come up with the greatest ideas ever while showering. I can write an entire grocery list, meal plan for two weeks, create a comprehensive to-do list, and draft up a delicious blog post all while showering. But once I step out of the shower every single thought is gone. Enter, shower crayons.

Yes, these are supposed to be for kids, but it doesn’t say adults can’t use them either! So I order a pack, hand off some to the boys, then take one for myself. When brilliant, life changing ideas, lists, or thoughts enter my mind in the shower, I simply jot them down and there they are when I get out, ready to tackle!

5. Google Home/Amazon Alexa

If you can get beyond the extra creepy factor and the fact that these little devices are definitely listening in on your life, they’re amazing. I was totally against it at first but being married to a man who dreams of living in a smart home requires you to make small sacrifices. We started with the Alexa and then graduated to the Google Home because Brit switched over to a Google phone. I cannot tell you that one is better than the other, however apparently you can sync your Google Home with your Google calendar and it can tell you what your day looks like. Cool for Brit, weird for me (it can also differentiate between your voices so it knows who is asking about who’s day, just to add to the creepy factor).

The two main reasons I recommend one of these: One, the timer. In the kitchen it has made it so much easier for me to set a timer, hands free. Who knew that was something I needed in my life. The second, music. My oldest son responds well to music and if the right playlist is on, he’ll finish a meal of whatever I set in front of him #toddlerlife. So having a device that can put on whatever music I request without having to take time to put my phone in my face (something I try to avoid with kids) is life changing.

6. Phillips Hue lights

You can turn your lights on and off from your phone. And apparently they never burn out. Like ever. Or at least not for 15 years, and by then we’ll be able to turn lights on by blinking our eyes, so yea. Also, you can change them into fun colors, sync them up with timers and motion sensors and other nifty things, but for me the big seller is I can turn my lights on and off without leaving the bed, couch, floor, or wherever I am.

This is especially beneficial when nursing a baby and the baby happens to fall asleep and you need to put them down but they are also a vampire and cannot handle light, particularly while sleeping, and if you get up to turn the light off they will inevitably wake up, but if you slowly dim it down until you’re in complete darkness, they will sleep for hours. Not that I would know anything about that. My children were never nursed to sleep and I put them down in broad daylight and they sleep with no problem.  And I can fly.

The lights can also do this, which was why Brit bought them in the first place (taken from our old apartment, so disregard the iPhone 5 quality)

7. Ring Doorbell

If someone rings our doorbell and it’s not a food delivery man or someone delivering a package, everyone gets a little panicky. Even J looks up confused and says, “Who’s that?!” in an almost angered how-dare-you-disrupt-us tone. I love being able to see if there is someone at the door I need to avoid.

Also, we’ve had a couple neighborhood rascals ding-dong ditch us several times since moving in. Which is cute, until it wakes up your 6 month old who already doesn’t sleep well and then it takes you 45 minutes to get them back to sleep. That is when it’s really great to look at the camera and see that it was some tweens from down the road pulling a prank, so you call their parents and tattle on them #adulting

8. Meat Thermometer

How on earth did my grandmother know when her turkey was done? I cannot imagine cooking meat without this. I am convinced I would poison everyone. This is the easiest meat thermometer we’ve found, and it completely takes away the stress of not knowing if you food is over or under cooked.

9. Coffee Maker

Our coffee maker is a sacred item in our home. I completely understand if this isn’t your brand, or what you like. But, if you’re searching for a new one, I highly recommend this one. The things I love about it:

  • It will make a whole pot of coffee, which Brit and I will share in the morning.
  • On the super rough days, aka like every single day, there is a single serve side to make that second, or third, or fourth (don’t judge me, we all have our thing) cup for the day.
  • The single side also takes K-Cups for when I don’t feel like messing with scoops.
  • It has a timer, which I’m pretty sure all coffee pots have nowadays, because it’s a necessity.

10. Slow Cooker

For me, this is like owning a refrigerator. It should just come with the house. I use it at least weekly. I’m not saying this particular one is the best out there, but it looks pretty snazzy. Honestly, I have one we bought at Costco about seven years ago (holy hat I cannot believe it’s that old!) and it has served us well. You can find freezer recipes I’ve shared here.

Also, do any of you own an Instapot? I’m so obsessed with my slow cooker I am too scared to get something that might replace it, but I’ve heard the Instapot is amazing, from infomercials, I would love a real person’s review!

11. A husband – you just ask them to do everything for you.

Little bonus from Brit after asking him to contribute to the post, and get me a water, and turn my bedside light on (with his phone, so it didn’t even involve getting up! geesh) and find a good tv show for us to watch. He may have a point.

What are you must have items in your home?

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