Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I though I should probably post this before the holiday is over. If this is your first year reading the holiday home tour post, I should warn you. This is not a professionally decorated home. This is not a home that you will see in Better Home and Gardens. This is our home, with personal touches, DIY decorations, and toddler friendly adornment. That said, come on in and cozy up by our fire. Eat some cookies and drink hot cocoa. White Christmas is on repeat and the smell of our freshly cut tree permeates throughout the house.

We were lucky enough to have several inches of snow a couple weeks ago, a perfect time to take photos of the exterior. Unfortunately, it’s all melted by now and it’s looking like we will have a very green Christmas.

I think this is the first year we actually purchased a decent sized tree. It seems we always either go too tall or too wide. But I am loving this year’s tree.

Does every one else have a Christmas room? A room that gets the bulk of the Christmas decorating? I feel like this room gets all the Christmas love and attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I just feel badly for the other rooms

Our decorations had to change a little this year due to tiny hands. I opted to keep several items stored away for future Christmases when tiny humans won’t be constantly on the hunt for something to break. I’m not sure when that year will come but I am hopeful.

I have absolutely loved looking through these photo card books I created last year. It’s been wonderful to see so many families grow over the years. Check out What to do with Holiday Photo Cards to create your own.

Our entryway is impossible to take a decent picture of, but whatever. Here it is. Not pictured is the mistletoe hanging from our light, which J calls “Miss Toe” and insists on a kiss every time we go down the stairs. Be still my heart.

For the record, our mudroom never looks like this. There is always something else hanging on these hooks. Coats, hats, laundry, but nobody wants to see pictures of that.

Normally I wouldn’t bother sharing a picture of our bathroom, especially because this year we added next to nothing to make it festive. However, we did get this new print which I love and makes me chuckle each time I go in there. If you don’t get it, have a friend read it aloud. If you still don’t get it, you’re probably too young to read this blog.

We also got a new light in our dining room. Brit and I installed it ourselves. I’ll let you know when it comes crashing down, inevitably while both boys are asleep.

The DIY ornament wreaths are still standing and sparkling. Honestly, I cannot believe I made these wreaths. They were so easy and I think they are just so pretty!

The advent calendar has been so much fun this year. J is starting to understand it, although I think he just understands that there is chocolate in some of the boxes. He hasn’t quite taken to reading the scripture tucked inside. Maybe next year.

That pretty much wraps it up this year. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. see you next year!

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Cara · December 26, 2017 at 1:40 am

Love the new light for the dining room!!! I know you were wanting one for awhile! And so jealous your wreaths are still standing, mine was mangled in my mom’s attic and then Maya decimated any remains, haha. PS still in love with your dining room color, and then we had a delivery man ask what color our entry way was (windy blue aka the lighter hue on the same color strip) to steal it for his bedroom, so you’ve obviously got good taste 😉 Merry Xmas!!!

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