Happy Holidays! I don’t know why I love sharing this post, it’s one of my favorites though. I love feeling like I’m welcoming you into our home, pouring you a cup of hot cocoa, and just chatting by the fire with you {I swear I have real friends, too}. But seriously, I just think it’s so fun and I love reading other bloggers home tour posts so I just assume you all like to read mine too. 

I’m going to keep it pretty brief, this year, but I may comment a few things every now and then. Please note, I know my decorated home is not Better Homes & Garden worthy, and honestly I hope it never is. I like to make our decorations personal and that typically won’t land you in a catalog or top Instagram post. But I do hope you enjoy the little things that make our home special to us. So grab a cup of cocoa, add like 30 marshmallows, and a candy cane if you like a hint of mint 🙂 and come on in…

As you can see, the snow melted quite quickly

We decided not to decorate our Christmas tree with all of our baubble ornaments this year. Instead we only used the meaningful ornaments we own. I LOVE the way it looks! I added a bit of ribbon just as an accent, but other than that a very simple and loved tree.

James’ footprint last year
Our DIY Tree Card Holders and our DIY Advent Calendar 
One of the Ornament Wreaths made in CEO Mommy Class


I had to stand on our coffee table to snap a few photos so I decided to take a mini bump pic 🙂 20 weeks down, 20 weeks to go
With so many extra ornaments that aren’t on our tree this year, I just started filling bowls and jars for some simple decorations. Personally, I love the look of this so much and it’s much easier than trying to hang each one on the tree

Our mud room gets a little attention with some Santa hats and stockings.

And that really sums it up. I guess you could say this year the theme was a to try to make things as simple as possible. How does your home look this holiday season? I’d love for you to share any photos of your space! Feel free to either comment with photos or email me your favorite space this year. Here’s my all time favorite decorated space in our home. 

Check out how our decorating has changed over the years  {2015, 2014}

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Stef Jones

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