Hello, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! Despite being on the same day every year for centuries, Christmas snuck up on us this year. It may or may not have had something to do with the early gift we received on November 24th… 

I had intentions, such big, grand, and wonderful intentions this year, but all fell short once I realized having a baby is a bit time consuming. Who knew? 

So this may be a tad late, but I wanted to share anyway. Here are some photos of our home decorated for the holidays, as well as a few DIY projects I did this year {before baby}. Brit informed me I was prohibited from purchasing any new holiday decorations after unpacking 5 large bins into storage when we moved. Well, he never said I couldn’t create my own! 

Our little entryway nook was decorated in reds, whites, and sparkles. 


Our “Front Room,” which we had to completely rearrange in order to fit our tree, became our Christmas room.  
Each year we say we’ll get a smaller tree, and each year it gets bigger and bigger. What’s wrong with us?!

You may recognize the Christmas Tree Card Holders from last year on display below. One of the new DIY projects is also nestled below. 
  Felt trees put together using styrofoam cones and green felt. They were able to remain on display there because of the unseasonably warm weather and therefore lack of fire.  
This is by far my favorite holiday DIY project, and possibly my favorite DIY project ever! I may need to dedicate an entire post on how we created this big guy, but that will probably wait until next Christmas. Behold, our DIY Advent Calendar. 
 Brit likes advent calendars to be mixed up {I guess that’s a British thing}, so the numbered boxes are placed out of order. The frame and the boxes were all DIY’d and filled with little holiday treats.  
 Several of the boxes also contained a small piece of paper with a few verses of the birth of Jesus, a little reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. 
In the dining room, I surrounded candlesticks with red and gold ornaments in our DIY Centerpiece. I’m so excited for how many different ways I can decorate with this each season. 
 In addition to the holiday decorations, our bookcase is also showing off a new baby monitor. 
I think we got the most compliments on our green light tree. We had a spare strand of green lights so I used a few command hooks and made a tree on the wall in our family room. I decorated it using ribbon and two tubes of $1 ornaments from the Target dollar spot. Such a simple decorative addition, plus James really enjoys staring at the twinkling lights. 
 Our mudroom even got a little holiday love. The cork wreath I created last year adorns our back door. 
So that’s our home this year. Of course now many of the decorations are making their way back into boxes and the house is looking bland. I’m really looking forward to next year when we can maybe be a little better prepared for the holiday, I’m sure it’s much easier with a one-year-old 🙂 

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