Around this time of year in the blogosphere, people share pictures of their beautiful homes with flawlessly fluffed pillows, trees decorated to perfection, and the sparkle of the holidays just glistening throughout their home. And then there’s us… While I share some pictures of our decorations it never occurred to me do to a “home tour” because my home has never, and will never, resemble something that belongs on the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. However, this year I decided I would share a little bit of our home decorated for the holidays. If nothing else, I hope it helps you realize that it’s ok if you’re home isn’t perfect. It’s ok if there’s clutter on the ground. It’s ok if your tree is crooked, too small/fat, has bald spots, or is nonexistent this year. That’s ok. As long as in your heart and head, you’re in the holiday spirit, then that’s all that matters. 

That being said… here’s our home

I’m going to start as if you were just walking into our home and I’m giving you the tour. Here’s our gorgeous and festive front door. 

Ok in our defense, our apartment is one of the last in the hallway so no one really sees it. And, our doors are too wide for the standard wreath hanger. And… ok, I’m out of excuses. That’s our door and that’s all there is to say. But here’s what’s behind said door. 

The first thing you’re welcomed with in our apartment, after the narrow entryway, is our bar. Our 1970s, retro, large, bar. We love this bar (Toby Keith is in your head right now, if you’re a country music fan), but updating it has been on the list for, well 5 years. Anyway, not the point here, holidays, holidays, holidays {however any tips or recommendations for updating our bar are MORE than welcome. Seriously}. 


We add little decorations around the mass amounts of booze. The past Turducken Party group photos are all on display. Except this year, of course, and last year’s, because, well in the past 365+ days, I guess I just haven’t found the time to print it. Pathetic, I know. 

Then you’re in the living room, it’s all one space really, bar, living room, dining room, but I’ll break it down. Here’s our living room, full of laundry, blankets from the weekend guests, and just overall clutter. 

I took a few minutes, fixed up the place, and snapped another shot. But my conscious would not let me do this post without really showing you what our home is like around the holidays. 

Here’s our tree. We don’t have a color coordinated, perfect ornaments, with 1,000+ lights tree. We have a Stefanie and Simon Jones tree. This is us. Tacky, personal, goofy, nerdy. All of it.



The bell is maybe one of the more normal ornaments we own. Then there’s the framed picture of Brit and I dressed like Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean, and just one of our five Disney princess ornaments. This would probably be totally normal if we had some children in our home. But alas, we are the only two children living here. 

Ok, there’s the living room. 

The dining room {or the small space where we squeeze a table} is next. This is where the nativity scene, cards, and stocking are all on display. One of my favorite spots. 

Our Christmas Tree card organizers are filling up fast and I just love the way they look! 


The stocking aren’t much, just a couple $5 socks picked up at Duane Reade four years ago. We could probably upgrade to something more beautiful and festive, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts anyway. 

Across the way from the dinning room is the green room/ office/ guest room/ whatever. We’ve added little bits here and there in this room. 

If you look closely, you can also see my effort to add new pictures to our wall. I got as far as printing a few, then I guess something more interesting caught my eye and I stopped before even putting them in the frame.


The lights {which have already started to fall down, but I’m not inclined to fix} are new this year. I love them in this room. I hate that they’re not staying up. 

Our kitchen is just to the right. Minimal decorations in there, but enough to put you in the holiday spirit. 

And just so you know we’re normal… here’s a full view. Yes, that’s a dishwasher tray full of dishes on the floor. Our dishwasher broke. Guess what we’re getting for Christmas this year {but I don’t want to grow up}.

Now to the bathroom. Yup, we decorate the bathroom, and nope, I have no shame in walking you in there to show you.

So that’s our home this year. It’s not magazine worthy, but it’s perfect for us. 

Do you do any decorating for the holidays? What’s your favorite part of your home this time of year? 

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